Rugpjūčio 3-5, 2023

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Dear jazz fans!

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to the 23rd edition of the Nida Jazz Marathon festival, which we will celebrate in one of the world’s most enchanting locations – in the very heart of Nida, on the lagoon pier, with our inaugural concert set to take place in the Thomas Mann house.

Nida Jazz Marathon isn’t merely a music event, it is also a wonderful opportunity to discover one of the most exquisite places in Lithuania, abundant in culture and art. Don’t miss this splendid occasion to experience the magic of jazz on the lagoon!

From the 3rd to the 5th of August, the town will come alive with the melodies of jazz, and I invite you to come and indulge in our promise of a particularly vibrant and cheerful festival. Listen, enjoy, engage, unwind, and rest assured, we will spare no effort to ensure your fond impressions.

See You!


International jazz festival “Nida Jazz Marathon 2023“
Producer LeoNidas Šinkarenka




3th of August


20.00 h Thomas Mann Museum (Skruzdynės st. 17, Nida)
Nida Jazz Maratonas 2023 atidarymo vakarą pristato advokatų kontora GLIMSTEDT


4th of August




5th of August





Can you imagine a permanently working duo with one member living in Paris, the other in Vienna? That is what Lembit Saarsalu and Leonid Vintskevich have been doing for years, the former living in Tallinn, Estonia, the latter in Kursk, Russia. Their duo, JAZZ FOR TWO, has performed at many festivals: Prague (1984), Berlin (1985), Leipzig (1986), the JVC North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague (1986). So far, JAZZ FOR TWO has made two albums: "Two Playing Jazz" (1986) and "Blues for the Night" (1991). The stylistic range of the duo is wide, reaching from jazz standards (in their…
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When the Beets name rings anywhere in the world, a jazz lover somewhere will stand up and listen. Tenor powerhouse Alexander Beets has garnered international acclaim with his explosive sound and undeniable swing over the last few decades, appearing in lineups with greats such as Deborah Brown (USA), Sylwester Ostrowski (PL) and Koh Mr Saxman (TH). Paying tribute to the legends that inspired him throughout the years, his latest release Big Sounds features original compositions as well as long-time favorites by Stanley Turrentine and Cole Porter, among others. Sporting a lineup of latest and greatest musicians, he is joined by…
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Love is the beginning and the final purpose, and music accompanies it. In this post-pandemic technological era in which physical contact has become a luxury and human relationships are influenced by followers, likes and views, we need to reconnect with the greatest source of power on Earth: love. That inherent energy that resides within us and identifies us as emotional beings. Love for who we are and what we do, but above all love for another human being who carries the weight of a story and a struggle: humanity. Las Karamba begin the “Humanity” tour this year, in 2023, after…
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Miguel Ramírez and Miqui Delgado have been collaborating and sharing stages for more than thirty years, during which time they have co-authored several artistic projects and recordings. They are still active today, sharing the same enthusiasm, in the effort to create and produce music for their own projects and for other artists. The Canarian Local Jazz Band is a project created in 2008 by Miguel Ramirez and Miqui Delgado, with the spirit of promoting and contributing to the discovery of the wide jazz repertoire throughout its history.
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The best-known Latvian jazzfunk band Very Cool People released a live album Woodstock’s Renaissance dedicated to the heydays of Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. It was made together with Latvian pop singer Aija Andrejeva. The concept of Woodstock’s Renaissance was born in 2020, when Very Cool People together with Aija Andrejeva performed at the international improvisation, jazz and global music festival Rīgas Ritmi. A concert program dedicated to Janis Joplin was presented there. It was later supplemented with songs by Jimi Hendrix and The Doors and became Woodstock’s Renaissance. The new program was presented in April 2022 in…
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