Jan Maksimovič ir Broliai Bazarai

Jan Maksimovič, a virtuoso of jazz, a composer, and a professor at the Vilnius J. Tallat-Kelpša Conservatory, where he imparts the secrets of saxophone mastery. He’s also an esteemed associate professor at the Department of Jazz at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Among Lithuania’s brightest jazz saxophonists, Jan stands out for his emotive and mature musicality, a maestro of poly-stylistic expression, a distinctive composer, band leader, and mentor. He stepped onto Lithuania’s jazz scene back in 1996 and has since shared stages with some of the nation’s jazz luminaries. His performances have resonated across festivals in the USA, Germany, Israel, Japan, Poland, and of course, Lithuania.

Motiejus, Mykolas, and Benediktas Bazarai, from their early days, have been immersed in exploring both traditional and modern musical avenues. Their home was a haven of diverse musical genres, from classical piano studies to electrifying performances in jazz, funk, rock, electronic, and pop music scenes. They’ve ingeniously synthesized this wealth of experience, crafting programs that blend genres (“Zodiac,” “#sotuskaunomuzikai,” “ArtDECOunterpoint,” “CounterMozartPoint,” “Black and White and White and Black”), and collaborating with other prominent Lithuanian musical ensembles.

For this year’s jazz festival, these luminaries of jazz have converged for an extraordinary project: “Jan Maksimovič and the Bazarai Brothers.”

Jan Maksimowicz -saxes

Motiejus Bazaras – piano, key

Mykolas Bazaras – bass

Benediktas Bazaras – drums