Love is the beginning and the final purpose, and music accompanies it.

In this post-pandemic technological era in which physical contact has become a luxury and human relationships are influenced by followers, likes and views, we need to reconnect with the greatest source of power on Earth: love. That inherent energy that resides within us and identifies us as emotional beings. Love for who we are and what we do, but above all love for another human being who carries the weight of a story and a struggle: humanity.

Las Karamba begin the “Humanity” tour this year, in 2023, after giving over 40 concerts all over Europe and with a view to their next album, due to be released in 2024. The band was formed in Barcelona in 2018 by a multicultural group of six migrant women originally from Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina and Catalonia. Now they have created a new show full of energy and welcoming, warm musical colour that spurs on everyone who listens to them. And they still have plenty to say and a lot they want to change. All hands on deck for the best music!