„Sweet Emma“ was a renowned pianist and singer from New Orleans who regularly sang in the Preservation Hall. Nat & Cannonball Adderly devoted their song “Sweet Emma” to her … which is the overall inspiration for this special festival program!

Chanda Rule, magic vocalist form the south side of Chicago, deeply rooted in Southern Church music, as well as contemporary groove Music.
The “Sweet Emma”-Band plays improvised and varied, mixing Southern Work Songs, Spirituals, traditional songs from Africa and NU GROOVES. Along play Osian Roberts and Paul Zauner, with astounding solos on trombone and tenor sax, Mario Rom rumpet, as well as Jan Korinek, the celebrated Hammond magician from Prague. The fine grooves of their “soulful” performances are added by Christian Salfellner on drums.

CHANDA RULE & SWEET EMMA BAND concert at  6th of August (read more)