Antonio Lizana Group


Antonio Lizana drinks from the fountains of flamenco and has done so since an early age in his native town, San Fernando, which is also the place of birth of Camarón de la Isla, maybe the most influential flamenco singer. The restlessness to explore all possibilities of his first instrument, the saxophone, led him to study classical music and later study jazz. Throughout the course of his learning process is when he felt the need to take flamenco further and to create his project Antonio Lizana Group, where he have in one hand the flamenco tradition and in the other cutting-edge jazz.
Flamenco and jazz influential musicians take their hats off to Antonio Lizana; “Everything’s impressive about Antonio!” claimed the Spanish saxophonist Jorge Pardo. Lamari, from world music band Chambao, said his music left her speechless with awe. And singer song writer Javier Ruibal highlighted the “extraordinary bridge Antonio Lizana has built between jazz and flamenco —his captivating personality and exquisite songwriting make him a great artist.”

August 3rd, concert starts at 9:00 p.m. near Nida lighthouse